Agglomeration™ Masterclass

Is agglomeration right for my business?
What are the risks?
What are the rewards?
What is it like to try and run my small business as part of an agglomeration?
What impact will it have on my staff, clients, partners?

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This one and a half day program is exclusively for business owners that want to get a better understanding of the agglomeration model, the implications for their business and how M&A can be used to achieve outsized returns.

Course Outline

You will get a thorough and comprehensive run through of all the elements involved. Extensive time is spent one-on-one with each attendee to ensure that all questions are answered. The course is taught by the senior members of the M&A team at Unity.

Part 1: Agglomeration Strategy

  • Entrepreneur journey
  • Macro environments
  • Investment disconnect
  • Disruption and attraction of scale
  • Which markets and why
  • Niche versus diversity of sector
  • M&A Learnings and opportunities for growth
  • Accountability in a collaborative environment
  • Case studies; key learnings
  • Insider trading – Know the rules
  • Investor Relations – Understand the game
  • Values – Trust, Collaboration and Velocity, how it applies.

Part 2: Small Business Tactical – Leveraging the model for your success

  • Understanding the journey
  • Step-by-Step process towards Listing (pre-listing stuff)
  • NDA’s
  • Financial statements
  • Media audit
  • Agglomeration model / Term Sheet
  • Due Diligence requirements (time frame and road map)
  • Financial Audit
  • Key Roles
  • Listing Process
  • SPV roll-up into a listed entity
  • Post-Listing
  • Leveraging being part of a PLC
  • Financial reporting (Monthly, Qty & Annual)
  • Insider trading
  • Media / communication
  • Staff incentive programs (Equity)
  • Tactical Acquisitions
  • PLC responsibility for key stakeholders / major shareholders
  • Non-exec Board responsibilities
  • Wealth Management

Part 3: Due Diligence, your company and others

  • Work one-on-one with the Due Diligence team to understand the process and how it relates to your specific business.
  • Protection – your shares, reputation and opportunities
  • Escape hatch
Is this right for me?

Everyone who joins this program has been interviewed by one of our team. We are not interested in seminar junkies wanting to learn theory. This program is purely for business owners wanting to understand Agglomeration or investors looking to understand the returns.

The material you learn will not only allow you to make your own decision on whether you should join an agglomeration, but also get you started if you want to create your own agglomeration.

There is a one time $5,000 course fee. In the event that you decide that join a Unity agglomeration, that amount will be fully refundable.